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Top Secondary School in Thane, Mumbai

Secondary education is the bedrock of any sustainable society and has the fundamental goal to provide an enriched learning experience. That’s why the underlying principle of Holy Writ School in secondary education lies in to create situations in which each student will have a curiosity in learning and perceives the connections between every school activity as well as in his/her own real life. We interactively employ robust engaging technology-rich content to make learning come alive. School purely focuses on education that is compulsory for students before proceeding for higher studies.

Holy Writ School provides a platform that allows secondary school students to develop critical thinking skills, to be able to defend themselves from every circumstance and gives them a better learning experience. With various teaching methodologies, sensitive guidance, and care we try to give our students the best they deserve. Here student feels more enthusiastic and their confidence inclined in an efficacious manner.

We know secondary education is an extremely important phase for an individual's psyche and so with a clear belief and core values, we indulge with students in a more positive and polite way. The school is embraced with high-tech computer labs, well-stocked libraries, interactive screens, science laboratories to provide hands-on practical experience to our students, subject rooms, auditorium and sports facilities for their physical growth, etc. Holy Writ School thinks the balance has to be right between theory, practical and physical experience.

The affective and social development of students has long been a central concern of us. Holy writ school looks into the depth of the effective ways to achieve it.