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Dr. D.K.Ghosal

Designation: Principal

“Kind of individual we produce in turn determines the kind of society we live in”

Education means the acquisition of knowledge, development of human personality and finally it brings the individual transformation and social change. That is why purpose of all education is to develop a well-rounded with balanced personality and to inspire scholars to transform the society while making a path for future generation to come.

In this contemporary situation the school plays an agent of change towards a better quality of education and eventually to have a better quality of life. Henceforth, school leadership and management has become the great concerned of school existence and excellence.

The characteristicsor demands of 21st century’s learners are: they have to beverycreative & innovative, collaborative & communicative, solvingproblem withtheir critical thinking, and have to be very competitivein nature to become global citizens&lifelong learners with hands on technology.

To achieve the same the new education policy (NEP-2020) has also emphasized to make education more holistic, interdisciplinary, competency based and experiential outlook.

So, understanding these immediate needs to our present generation we have already implementedthe following to give a better exposure to our childrento become a global citizen with full of confident and capability to lead their sustainable livelihood in near future.

  • Since the children are unique, it will be our first endeavour and desire to provide a very stimulating, conducive and stress free educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially to become a balanced personal.
  • Our work culture has been encouraged to incorporate with the ideas of rationalism, collaboration, interdependence and entrepreneurship to have a socially aligned and harmonious environment to produce global citizens.
  • We are further encouraging and promoting the effective pedagogies and comprehensive school curriculum with the integration of life skills, value education, art & physical education,health and skills education etc. to have quality education for the children.
  • It will be our great achievement if we see our children are growing day by day and enjoying their learning process through critical thinking, creativity and with full of curiosity and passion. Because we know that :
“It is not what we do for our children, but what we have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings is very important”