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Libraries always serve a crucial role in learning, and that’s why Holy Writ School feels the need to evolve libraries digitally to meet the needs of teaching and learning. Our school lets access to E-Libraries that will allow teachers and students to use information resources and other data like never before. It gives our pupil easy access to multiple contents with a potentially infinite number of resources and selections at fingertips. Our digital library is combined with technology and information resources to allow remote access, breaking down the physical barriers between resources. This will expand student’s horizons in learning as they can access an enormous amount of knowledge and share content with others, expediting the expansion of education. We allow teachers and students to take advantage of wider ranges of materials and communicate with people outside the formal learning environment.

Holy Writ School permits admittance to information not just to widen the horizons of the users' knowledge but also to support a host of their learning activities. The school is driven by a desire to strive hard with commitment, dedication, and focus, to serve the strategic information requirements of the academic community on a regular basis. The eclectic collection that constitutes the Library comprises 1000+ interactive books on different niches and subjects.

Via these digital libraries, students can consult online books, images, videos, and all other educational content instantly from anywhere and at any moment. Online studies are always protected and collected to create a virtual source of information for the coming students and teachers. Holy Writ School always finds interesting ways to prepare students for success. We have the experience and expertise to build the best possible solutions for our students.