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Kindergarten – A Place Where Children Can
Grow While Playing

We firmly believe that the inceptive years are the most crucial years of a child’s physical and mental growth, so at Holy Writ Kindergarten School we create an environment that profoundly focuses on nurturing each child, where they enjoy early education with amusement and evolve a desire for knowledge within them. Along with parents, there is a huge role a teacher plays at kindergarten/ nursery schools in early childhood education.

It’s very important to start working on building fine motor skills in children at an early stage which requires synchronizing efforts of muscles and the brain to master small movements. So for developing their motor skills, we offer toddlers with many such toys and other related attractive equipment in the classroom itself that also helps a child’s self-esteem and confidence to grow.

Kids have a short attention span and could get easily bored, here we come up with a creative and interesting way of getting them to listen to us and engage in activities. We are the nursery school in Badlapur, Thane that proffers a creative and engaging skill-based curriculum that purely focuses on the physical activities and overall well-being of a child. Holy Writ follows an educational approach based on playing, singing and practical activities including drawing and social interaction.

Holy Writ Kindergarten School prepares the tiny tots to become active, caring and cheerful lifelong learners who demonstrate love respect for themselves as well as for others and we trust that your child’s involvement at our school will be a positive experience and that together we may help your child to grow, develop and learn. We will do all to provide your child with a safe, supportive and caring environment.