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One of the Best Boarding Schools in Thane District, Near Mumbai

The hostels of a school are defined as a second home for the ones who reside in the same. Hostels are the place where the students live, spend time with their friends, study and do all their chores after school hours. It goes without saying that the best school in Badlapur will have the best of hostel and apart from good food, environment and the comfort level of the hostel, students deserve facilities that make their standard of living inside the premises nothing but top-class.

The boarding school of Holy Writ High School & Jr. College is completely hygienic and the teachers who are in-charge of hostels are equally caring. The quality food, safe and hygienic environment in the discipline and homely environment and much more is provided to the Holy Writ High School & Jr. College boarding school students.

To shower each and every student in hostel with love and Passion is the prime work of hostels in charge. Thus, Holy Writ High School & Jr. College hostel is another home which is away from home for the future Indian successors.

Highlights of Amenities we provide in Hostel in Holy Writ Campus:
  • 24X7 Water Supply
  • Well-furnished, air-conditioned, spacious, ventilated rooms. Well equipped with modern amenities having comfortable beds. separate lockers and cupboards available for the children
  • Separate Wardens for Girls and Boys ( Female warden for girls hostel and Male warden for boys hostel)
  • Maid servants and ward boys are appointed for each common room where children can enjoy their leisure hours, by watching TV and playing indoor games.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • Guest Room
  • Laundry Facility
  • Separate Gymnasium for girls and boys
  • Hot and Cold Water
  • Medical Facility
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Departmental and Stationary Stores
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Study room with computer & Wifi Facility on each floor
Surveillance and supervision

In our hostel of school we take care of strict yet friendly supervision over the boys/girls staying at boarding. This ensures that the child can stay harmless and in peace too. The supervisor are well behaved and have the capability of solving issues that might randomly crop up when your child’s tenure at the hostel. Apart from this, there must be tight security surveillance which calls for the installation of CCTV and regular overviewing of the same. If you are looking for school hostels that have a teacher’s living quarters nearby Holy Writ is the preeminent option for it. This ensures that the mentors take care if there are problems during the stay. The hostel is fully secured & monitored by CCTV camera. For your girl child we take special care and so we have provided lady security guard for surveillance of the Girl’s Hostel and no male attendant can enter in the hostel.

Perfect Routine

At our hostel we have a perfect routine for your ward to translate into the fact that there is a scheduled wake up time, Yoga session for physical fitness & concentration, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served on time, adequate arrangements for studies and on top of that there is space for physical and recreational activities too.

Arrangements for studies

Some spaces will inevitably lend themselves better to study environments than others. Generally, the area should be as quiet as possible, although some students could find it easier to get schoolwork done with background noise. Whatever approach your child finds more productive, that’s what you should go with when setting up an area for study. We have already taken care for the betterment of your ward’s future and have structured our hostel floors with well-built Study Rooms with the facility of computers to surf the information related to their studies.

First Aid facilities

Student’s health and emergency administration is another factor that must top a school’s hostel facility’s list. We have first aid facilities, highly qualified doctors & well-trained nurses to ensure the health of your child. We provide this facility 24x7 as a prime motto of our institution to guarantee the advancement of your child entering our campus.

Proper Diet Care

Children who eat a balanced diet lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle and this further lowers the risk of long-term health issues. So we deliver food which gives good dose of energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. We follow hygienic practices while preparation of foodstuff.

Celebration of special occasions

The perk of staying in a hostel is that the children get a scope to spend time with friends. It may so happen that special occasions like Diwali or any other religious festival fall during the school’s session when the children happen to stay back at their school. The facility of celebrating those occasions with peers will lift their mood and make their stay at the place happier. The homely feeling goes a long way, again, to break their regular monotony and bond with their peers. Boarding, have all the above attributes in their premises and much more. HWS has always been student-oriented and their hostels are naturally no different. Students get what they need, what they want, and what they prefer to excel in their education and live in a safe environment. The facilities available are what make hostels livable and fun at the same time.