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Our Unique Pedagogy - Invoking Way of Learning

Holy Writ School emphasizes student’s scholastic and co-scholastic development that provides ample opportunities for students to experiment and grow into unique personalities. Profuse innovative methodologies and effective learning strategies are opted to engage the student actively. After understanding the diverse needs of different learners and particular subject matter to be taught, we carefully employ a range of pedagogical approaches to ensure the learning.

Instructional approaches implemented in the classroom, as well as joint activities and discourses, allows the highest level of scholastic development. Based upon the school environment and student demands, the teachers make themselves flexible and carefully adapt their pedagogical approaches that lead to academic achievement, social and emotional growth, acquisition of technical skills, and general ability to contribute to society.

Faculty at Holy Writ School always show a positive attitude towards their students and tailor instructions according to students needs which not only make lessons more meaningful and contextually relevant but also helps them in becoming more socially responsive and attentive. We deeply examine students' different ability levels in order to alter the instructions and activities to meet the needs of each student at the premises.

The school organizes various activities and contests where every individual gets a fair chance to involve, participate and excel in their field of interest. This helps in inculcating the spirit of healthy competition among the students and acknowledges their talents. These approaches can, in fact, strengthen them in all aspects.

Along with numerous factors that come into play while finding the quality of a child's education, one principal factor that many parents examine is the student-teacher ratio. With a very favorable and commending Student-Teacher Ratio, excellent programmes that are offered, spacious and ventilated classrooms, students can expect learning to be both enjoyable and meaningful at Holy Writ School.