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Holy Writ School promotes e-learning where students can utilize electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. We accept the e-learning method wholeheartedly through which the knowledge can be shared via the Internet, which is accessible anywhere, anytime. This has proved to be the best means to acquire important skills for students and has made us a step ahead of those who still have the traditional approach towards learning. If you can sustain the necessary self-discipline, the pros of e-learning are almost countless.

The content delivery from our side is consistent and can be easily repeated any number of times if needed to gain a better understanding of the subject. You can interact with instructors, access course materials and propose your doubts. Holy Writ School knows the importance and effectiveness of technology-based learning and we never take it lightly.

Here we create a favourable environment for our students through E-Learning facilities where they can easily and quickly adapt the advanced learning lessons via E-Classes, Online Courses, etc. We relish our student’s growth by imparting knowledge through our well-qualified academic staff. They act as a helping hand to the students and guide them in a better understanding of the academic concepts through high definition e-learning methods. Our e-learning courses accord an interactive and multi-sensory experience, combined with the simplicity of classroom teaching with a powerful visual medium.

We first present online demos of our eLearning system for your ease that help you see an example course, including how the information is presented, the course assignment, syllabus, communications from the teachers and other academic staff including an option of discussion forum where you can discuss the course materials with your online classmates and teachers. Make yourself aware of all of the available options and follow the available instructions to reduce your learning curve once the class starts. E-learning has been turned out to be a successful method of training and education and us Holy writian’s are eyewitnesses of this positive change.