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Top Primary School in Thane, Mumbai

Primary school education is the foremost and basic right of every child and is generally the initial stage of formal education. It’s also the first step towards compulsory education and includes subjects that establish a solid foundation for learning. Holy Writ School designed an intellectually demanding curriculum that combines academic rigor with practical relevance to excite primary school students about learning and prepare them for the future.

Our objective is to bring awareness among the children, open avenues of opportunities, teach children to think analytically, to face the challenges, and to achieve high living standards. In order to compete with the world, children are groomed for the starting phase of their lives. We help children to develop their social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills according to the best of their abilities. While the emphasis always remains on strengthening literacy and numeracy skills which will support the learner during one’s entire school life.

Along with a caring and supportive atmosphere, Holy Writ School has an efficient administration that delivers smart solutions for student satisfaction and success. We provide a meticulous boost to a child, develop moral sentiment and positive outlook in the early phase. The primary education at our school will boost your kids’ self-confidence and offer them the skills they need in this highly competitive world.

We are the leading junior school/college in Badlapur, Thane that follows the CBSE curriculum and shapes students into better thinkers, learners, and human beings. Holy Writ strongly believes that primary education is the most crucial phase of a child’s life and we feel our responsibility to build capable citizens and future leaders.