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Guidance Counselor

Our guidance counselors are an integral part of school administration and understand the educational goals of both parents and students alike. They ensure that the school counseling program and academic mission are in line and promote student success and well-being. We show young minds a pathway to meet their challenges and thrive in school and life.

Holy Writ School & Jr. College also contrives a system to manage the program and help the administration use counselors effectively to augment student development and learning. Counselors are a crucial part of our education system and access students individually, catering to the specific needs of each youth. They lead students on the track of becoming a resourceful, adjusted member of the community.

Students can rely on them for assistance in their academics, career advice, as well as social life. Additionally, guide them to earn a living, and contribute to the economic, social, political and cultural progress of the nation. We are focused on preparing students for their life beyond classrooms and emphasis on the success of our every student

A guidance counselor is an important resource but along with this, we offer many social programs with the same structure. The role these will play in the student’s life will be pivotal. Having someone by your side to brace you as while moving towards goals as a support system is essential. Possessing someone to cheer and trust you makes a bigger difference than you might think!

Holy Writ School has designated this facility for the veracious emotional improvement of the student as an individual. We just don’t make promises of nurturing your ward but provide councilors to deal with his/her physical, mental and emotional growth. Confide and trust us, and we will assist you in any way possible.