Punyam Education Trust

In character growth, we believe study of ethics and values, service to others and development of creative powers form integral part of a good education.


The Punyam Education Trust has long been associated with education. It strongly believes in the productive investment in quality care and education for young minds and represents significant development in the future well being of our society. In Holy Writ High School & Junior College for boys and girls, academic life merges with countless other interests and the result is a community where young people come to know and respect each other as colleagues and friends. To grasp the character and appreciate the qualities of this institution fully, please do visit our beautiful campus.

The school is an exceptional one, situated at Pimploli village about 25 km. from Kalyan Rly. station 12 km. from Badlapur Rly. station. Transport facilities are available i.e. direct ST buses from Badlapur, Ambernath and Kalyan. Frequent six seaters are plying from Badlapur Rly. sation (W). The school provides very pacified, enthusiastic and ambient environment surrounded by hills, valleys, rivers and forest.